Rocksport Training

Multisport Triathlon Coaching-Run Specific Coaching-Strength Training

We are a coaching team based out of Lexington, Kentucky, but serving clients all over the world through our online app-based coaching platform. We offer individualized multisport (triathlon) training programs, run specific training programs as well as strength training based programs. We love working with athletes of all levels and abilities and catering to your individual goals.


Meet Our Coaches

Rocksport Training

Erin Rock

USA Triathlon Level 1/NASM Certified

I began running in 2008.  Running became my gateway drug to triathlon, and eventually a career in the fitness industry.  Since 2014, I have worked as a NASM personal trainer and USA Triathlon coach.  I also practice what I preach, and hold my own as a competitive master's athlete.  Some recent accomplishments include a 2nd place overall finish in the 2020 A1A Marathon (3:07,) 3rd place Master in the 2019 Akron Half Marathon, and a 1st overall in my favorite local triathlon Tri For Sight (for the third year in a row.) I also received All American honors in triathlon in 2019 (as well as several other years.)  Aside from sport, I am married to a wonderful Dubliner and we have two fur kids.  We love traveling and cooking plant-based meals.


Sarah Hunter 

USA Triathlon Level 1/MD (Internal Med)

Athletics have been part of my core since I was just an infant. I was raised playing pretty high level junior tennis and continued that into collegiate tennis and had a successful career. I spent close to ten years as a certified tennis pro part time through high school, college and medical school. My medical school training halted my tennis career due to time constraints, but I also found triathlon/running at this time through meeting my now husband who was a high level collegiate triathlete. I’ve been competitively racing triathlon/Ironman for just over 3 years and have achieved many things including qualifying for the Boston Marathon, completing a 50k ultra marathon, being an All-world gold Ironman Athlete with seven 70.3 finishes and one full Ironman finish. I recently expanded my love of the sport to include coaching and obtained my Level 1 USAT certification in December 2020. I also practice medicine full time as a Hospitalist in Lexington, Kentucky, but my schedule does allow me good flexibility to give to racing, training and coaching. Outside of athletics I enjoy music and am a classically trained pianist. I also enjoy bourbon hunting and traveling.