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June Challengers


Hello Challengers and welcome to summer!  May was an exciting month with some brilliant pictures of flowers, delicious smoothies and fun times reminiscing over forgotten albums.  I think the album choices really gave off our ages!  My husband went back to his early teen years with Eminem, and I had some fond memories of college with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.

For June, I received some feedback and suggestions from some of our challengers.  Thank you for that, as I love hearing what you have to say!  So our final decision is…

Habit: Hydrate!  With the beginning of warmer temperatures, we really need to be mindful of our fluid intake.  Instead of enforcing a numerical amount, let’s challenge ourselves to have a glass of water before every meal.  This can improve your energy levels and increase the health of your skin. As a bonus, if we’re interested in weight loss or maintaining our healthy weight, it ensures that less calories are needed to provide a sense of fullness.  This sounds like a win-win!

Task #1:  Take a photo at a place of geographical or historical significance. Tatia is the inspiration behind this, as she originally suggested a state line.  Since some of us do not have state lines, let’s get creative.  A historical marker/sign; a county line, or in Tatia’s case (who has some road trips in the near future) a state border.  I’m really excited to see what your creative minds can do with this one!

Task #2: A Day Without Internet.  We all need to disconnect once in a while, and this will force us to take that opportunity.  For those of you who rely on their phone/ email for work, pick a weekend day and do the best you can do.  For this one, I highly suggest checking in ahead of time for the accountability factor.  I am REALLY looking forward to this one, as sometimes I feel technology has taken over our lives.  Thank Debbie Rock for this one.

That’s it!  Make sure to mark your points at the end of each month on the spreadsheet. Have fun with this one!

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