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March Habit and Tasks


Hello Challengers, March is upon us!  We are two months in already.  How did you find the daily intentions?  I loved jotting down my daily two-item to-do list and it has now become a ritual.  As for the new spices, I saw tremendous creativity.  Sumac berries, sweet paprika and red chili peppers were a few of the picks.  We went for smoked paprika and boy is that good!  Dawn Marie made the fanciest dish- Lavash with za’atar and lebneh cheese.  And when it comes to books, I saw a universal theme: heart-wrenching!  Almost all the books chosen were devastating but highly reviewed.  Reread the Facebook comments for great recommendations!

Let’s welcome March!  Here are our tasks and habit for this month:

Habit: Brush Your Teeth With Your Non-Dominant Hand. This may sound a bit strange, but using that opposite hand has a plethora of benefits.  It opens up the non-dominant hemisphere of the brain.  This can change the way we think, and increase creativity.  It also has been shown to improve willpower.

Task #1:  Plant seedlings!  Let’s get a jump on the spring garden season and bring new life into our homes.  If possible (for those of you who aren’t avid gardeners) get a variety of seed that you have never planted before.  Some ideas: spring lettuce, radishes, herbs, etc. Leave a picture in the comments please.

Task #2: Classic movie night.  We will pick out a classic movie (that we’ve never seen before) off the following list:   When you are done with your movie, list and rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the comments section with a brief, one-paragraph review.

That’s it!  Make sure to mark your points at the end of each month on the spreadsheet.  Mr. and Mrs. Miracle, thank you for being the first ones to fill out the February spreadsheet!

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