• Erin Rock

October Challengers


Happy October and congrats to all of you who are hanging in there!  We are down to the last three months of the year.  It seems like just yesterday that the stores were setting out their pumpkins and scarecrows, and we all thought “It’s way too early!”  Well that happened fast!

How was September?  I really enjoyed reading about Captain Charles McVay III, who captained the USS Indianapolis during WW2 and it’s tragic sinking.  I highly recommend the book In Harm’s Way to learn more.  We also had some beautiful leaf photos, great feedback about the apples (honeycrisps still reign as king) and there were some great recommendations on documentaries.

Onto October…

Habit: Sleep Tight! Sleep is underrated, and most of us are far short of our 8-10 hours recommended sleep.  Let’s plan on hitting the hay a little earlier than usual, even if it’s five minutes.  Set your alarms for a good-night reminder if you need to; I know I will.  I’ll be curious to hear how this affects us all.

Task #1Memorize and share a poem. I remember doing this back in 7th grade, and it was a fun task even then.  Pick one that really speaks to you, and share in the comments.

Task #2: Trick or Treat Yourself.  Key is “treat.”  Be selfish and do something to reward yourself.  How about a hot stone massage or a pedicure?  A soak in a hot tub?  I’ve been putting off a fu-fu, sugary Starbuck’s drink all year, and may take care of that fix to fulfill this task!


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