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September Challengers


Autumn is approaching fast and furiously!    How was August for you all?  My favorite thing about August is that it forced us introverts to get out of our comfort zone and attend Karaoke By the Pool- something we would not have ordinarily done.  No we didn’t sing, but we did enjoy cheering for the best and worst contestants, as there was prize money to both.  We also enjoyed our acts of kindness, and made some delicious summer salads.  There were some beautiful seasonal recipes posted too, including a fruity and delicious-looking smoothie by Debbie Rock!

Onto September…

Habit: An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!  September is a great month for apples, and we will be attempting to eat at least one slice of an apple daily to see how it affects us.  Get creative- honey crisps, jonathans, golden delicious and galas are some tasty choices!  And if you have allergies or just dislike apples, replace with a fall fruit or vegetable of your choice.

Task #1Learn About Someone Famous. Read a memoir, watch a documentary or just do some online research on someone who has always intrigued you.  It can be a historical figure, athlete, celebrity or even an ancestor of your’s.  The possibilities are endless so have fun with this one!

Task #2: Fall Leaves Photo.  This can be a picture of one spectacular leaf, or a photo of a fabulous autumn scene including lots of fall foliage.  Let’s get competitive with this one and pick our favorite in the comments!


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