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The 2017 Hat’s Off To You Challenge…Unveiled!

HATS= Habits And Tasks to Self-Improvement

This challenge is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  It is for everyone- men, women, students, grandparents, the fit, the not-so


Every month, I will assign one habit and two tasks via my Rocksport Training page on Facebook.  The habit will be a small change to your lifestyle that will be done regularly.  The tasks will be assigned to be done anytime throughout the month.

This challenge is designed to work.  It will work because all habits and tasks will be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.)  There will be no vague assignments; everything will be instructed in detail.

This challenge is free to enter.  Some of the habits and tasks may cost a small amount of cash, but nothing more than about ten bucks.  Most habits and tasks will cost nothing at all.

An example of a monthly challenge will be:

Habit:  Declutter. Get an empty bag and add one unwanted item to the bag every day for the month.  It can be clothing, a pen, kitchenware; anything you no longer need.  At the end of the month, take to thrift store.

Task #1:  Visit a park that you have never been to before.  Take a photo.

Task #2:  Try two kinds of fruits that you have never eaten before.  Document with a photo.

When you have completed the habit and/or each task, go to the spreadsheet on google sheets.  You will fill in your name, and then log your results under each month.  For example, once you finish January you will record H-T1-T2 (for Habit-Task 1- Task 2.)  Simple. If you were unable to complete one, enter “0” in it’s place.  Here is the link: Spreadsheet

For the photo assignments, you will post the photos under each monthly challenge post on Facebook (Rocksport Training.)  I will post each monthly challenge several days before the first of the month.

This is a competitive challenge.  Be honest!  For every habit and task successfully completed, you earn one point. Total points available= 36. The winners and official order of finish will be posted at the end of the year.  Winners will be recognized appropriately.

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