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Welcome to August and the dog days of summer!    How did July go for everyone?  We had full intentions of taking a fun painting class, but when our offer on a new home was accepted, we instead took a two hour home ownership course.  Oddly, I don’t think it was as exciting as the painting class, so we’ll save that for a rainy day! The TV-free day seemed to correlate well with a lot of your vacations and holidays.  And the organizing turned into a mass-declutter (ala January-style) for us.

Onto the next one…

Habit: Kindness!  Keep a pen and paper next to your bed, and every night write down one kind act you did during the day.  These can be simple: a complement, a phone call, picking up after someone, a small donation, even petting your dog or cat for an extra few minutes.  But every day make it a point to do one extra thing.  Writing it down at the end of the day will allow you to reflect, feel good, and find motivation for tomorrow. Post a pic of your favorite/ most meaningful act.

Task #1: Attend an outdoor event. Soak up these last days of summer by spending a little extra time outside.  There are so many options- movies under the stars, outdoor concerts, Farmer’s markets, yoga, etc.  The only requirement is I would like you to choose one you would not have already planned on doing. It should be specifically for this challenge!

Task #2: Summer Recipe.  Make something that SCREAMS summer!  It can be a salad with lots of veg from the garden, a smoothie with all your summer flavors, a summer dessert (strawberry shortcake anyone?)  Have fun with this one!  I’ll give a shout out to most seasonal choice.  Please post pics!

That’s it!  Make sure to mark your points at the end of each month on the spreadsheet. Have fun with this one!

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